Central Art Garage provides professional fine art framing for artists, art collectors, galleries and museums. We specialize in frames that are hand built from locally milled woods (maple, walnut, cherry and other woods). Our frames meet the high standards of any gallery, artist, or art collector.

Unique splined joints deliver a stronger corner to the frame. This is particularly important for large frames, or artwork that will be shipped and rehung regularly.

Various finishes are hand applied. Wax finishes showcase beautiful wood grain. Stains provide colour while allowing some grain to be revealed. Opaque spray lacquer finishes are available.  A spray finish applied over a face spline (which conceals the miter) results in a strong seamless corner. This is particularly appreciated with white frames where construction with prefinished moulding often results in a very noticeable corner seam.

Framing is provided by co-owner Danny Hussey, a fine artist who has over 20 years of experience in the framing business. Danny has earned a reputation for his expertise in fine art framing and consultation. He has worked closely with many artists and arts organizations including the Ottawa Art Gallery, Carleton University Art Gallery, Canada Council Art Bank, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, the City of Ottawa, the American Embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs.


Examples of finished frames:


Frame construction: